Piano practice review #1, Clementi Sonatina

A piano session with Maria Rayzvasser, Clementi Sonatina

This Clementi Sonatina is an example of sonata form – one of the most important and difficult musical forms. There is a large body of theory that has to be studied. Now that the student knows the sections of the sonata-allegro movement she is ready to study more difficult Classical Sonatas. We plan on learning some of Mozart’s Viennese Sonatinas during the next semester. Stay tuned!



Piano practice review #2, Bach Prelude

Here is another piano lesson with Maria Rayzvasser, Bach Prelude

Everyone is making mistakes at public performances from time to time. Even talented and experienced musicians. There is one basic rule about how to do it “right” – no one should notice the mistake unless he knows the piece very well. I teach my students how to behave on stage if they forgot the music or something unexpected happened during the performance.
For example at the video the student forgot almost 3 bars of this Bach Prelude. Guess where?


(Answer: 0:59-1:03)