Here are some pictures of Art of Piano Playing Music School students from New York City and Long island NY. Our students represent different age and level categories, but they have one thing in common - they love playing the piano! We asked our students a few questions about their passion and here is what they say:

What do you like about the piano? "The piano is a keyboard instrument, a string instrument and a percussion instrument all in one! You can make music and rhythm with it all at the same time! Lots of great composers like Mozart and Beethoven played it"! Linda, 8 y.o.

What do you enjoy about music and playing the piano? "I like making people feel good when they hear music, music makes me feel good when I am playing, too. Music makes me more focused, it allows me to be creative and express myself". Daniel, 11 y.o.

"Playing in recitals, and, of course, eating cupcakes afterwords". Emily, 6 y.o.

What do you like about your piano lessons? "I absolutely love my piano lessons and my piano teacher! She is simply amazing! She makes difficult things so easy for me and she is also very creative. We play a lot of fun songs. I look forward to every piano lesson with her"! Amanda, 13 y.o.

Advice for the others who want to play a piano: “You can't be afraid of trying something new. If you are afraid to start something new, you will never know what you like". Tim 12 y.o

What impact does music have on your life? "A big one. I can`t remember a time when I wasn't doing music"! Ella 15 y.o.

Could you tell us a few words about your piano teacher? "My teacher-Dina is so awesome. I learn something new during every piano lesson. She makes each lesson fun and the songs she picks for me to learn are great. Her voice is so beautiful. I hope that one day I'm going to be a composer and it will all be thanks to Dina"! Leila McKiernan 6 y.o.