Why is it so important for every student to perform in recitals? First of all benefits of having recitals provide greater direction to a music study. Sometimes students lose motivation and progress becomes slow. Therefore it’s helpful to have a long-term goal to work towards, other than seemingly endless weekly music lessons. Secondly, recitals allow each student to hear their fellow students play. Hearing the young beginners play reminds them how far they have progressed since their first lesson and more advanced students performance may aspire them to become better musicians. It is important for students to hear other performers play so they stay enthused and to get their creative juices flowing.

Art of Piano Playing Music School Piano recitals are held at various locations in the New York City area. At the end of recital all students receive a certificate of achievement and a gift! We also take pictures, have a reception and lot`s of fun! Please watch us on the YouTube!


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