“Efficient Piano Practicing”

Efficient Piano practicing:

Here are some information for our young musicians on how to practice piano efficiently and be always well prepared for your piano lessons.

Useful tips:

Tip 1: always warm up!  Scales and short studies would be your best tools. It takes only 10-15 min to prepare you fingers to play the rest of your repertoire.

Tip 2: divide your piece in small sections so your work doesn`t become too overwhelming!

Tip 3: practice hands separately until you can play them both fluently.

Tip 4: focus on difficult passages till they become flawless!

Tip 5: practice without pedal. Check small sections of your piece without pedal so you can hear everything without masking errors.

Tip 6: use metronome. Using a metronome is always a good idea for a while at least.

Tip 7: focus on dynamics, expression and phrasing. And always be aware of the stylistic features of your piece.


Working in detail can take hours but it is easy to put a time frame on it by deciding what you want to achieve when you sit down at the piano. So be realistic and set little goals for every session!