piano lesson myths

Piano Lesson Myths #1

"I have to learn to play classical music before I can play pop and jazz" Reality: don`t think you must start your piano lessons with classical pieces if your ultimate goal is to learn pop music, you don`t have to! If your goal is to learn to play classical music-it is very important to incorporate improvisation and pop pieces into your repertoire.

Piano Lesson Myth #2

"Children learn faster than adults" Reality: There is almost no difference! Children are not as busy as adults with juggling multiple things in life, like work and family. They don`t experience that sort of stress, normally their thoughts are more structured allowing them to concentrate better. This creates an illusion that children absorb new material better than adults. Whereas an adult student consciously decided to take piano lessons to learn and that great desire to study diminishes their variance in concentration ultimately bringing the same or even a better result.

Piano Lesson Myth #3

"I have to practice every day" Reality: Practicing 3-4 hours a week may bring you better results as if you would practice every day - our brain, just like our body, sometimes needs a timeout to take in the new material.