There is  another very important reason for children to take piano lessons! Recent study showed that after almost a year of weekly piano lessons, students’ IQs rose nearly three points more than their untrained classmates! The study supports the idea that piano lessons exercise parts of the brain useful in mathematics, language, spatial intelligence and other intellectual pursuits. Piano lessons, because there are so many different activities involved–such as memorizing, expressing emotion, learning about musical interval and chords–may be motivating the IQ effect. Here is more about the study itself.  Researchers grouped together a few 6-year-olds for weekly piano lessons. Then another group was created to take weekly drama lessons. Last group of children was going to receive no classes during the period of the study. All children went through a long intelligence test that assessed them in ten different areas. Following that children went off to first grade at school and to their assigned piano lesson, drama and no lessons at all groups. After the first year of study all children were retested. At the time of retesting, all students displayed increases in IQ of at least 4.3 points, on average, which is a common result from attending a school. Drama class children`s IQs didn`t differ from those who did not take any lessons at all. Testing the piano lessons children researchers found a  slightly larger increases in IQ than the other groups, averaging 7-point gains in their IQ scores–2.7 points higher than children placed in either drama or no-lessons group. The bottom line -  sing up your children for piano lessons, it will make them smarter and will support all learning!  
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Guitar can be an interesting instrument to get started on.  The way we use our hands when we play guitar is unlike anything we’ve ever done before.  This can make it challenging when first starting, but rest assured, the hurdle is very jumpable and you will be happy you did when you’ve cleared it. Here are three tips for beginners that I feel are vital to think about when approaching the instrument. 1) Always be sure to warm up before you play.  Doing a simple scale like the chromatic scale or a major scale will not only warm up your hands, but it also: -Makes your fingers stronger, which, in turn, makes it easier to push down the strings, and play chords. -Coordinates your two hands to work together.  Most people don’t think of guitar as a coordination instrument, but it absolutely is!  The timing between the right hand picking the string and the left hand pushing down on the fret has to be spot on.  This takes time to develop, and scales are a great way to speed up that time. 2) Practice slow!  You will undoubtably gain more from slow steady practice than fast and choppy practice.  Find a tempo where you can be smooth and tension free in your hands, arms, shoulders, and neck, and stay there until you’re ready to speed up.  I usually don’t speed up more than 5 BPM’s at a time.  Remember, if you are tensing up, you are playing too fast. 3) Break your chords up.  If your chords aren’t ringing clearly, then try playing three strings of the chord.  Practice that until you get comfortable with it, then add a fourth string.  Keep adding strings until you’ve got the whole chord under your hand. Stay patient, practice slow, and practice with your whole mind and body and you will see results!  Best of luck, and most importantly…have fun!! Jon Paul, guitar teacher
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Art of Piano Playing Music School is now offering GUITAR LESSONS for very beginners and advanced students in New York City. Our highly qualified and experienced guitar teachers teach different styles of guitar playing, such as: classical, jazz, blues, metal and more. Beginners will learn how to play chords, basic scales and finger exercises, read notes and play/compose songs. If you plan to buy a guitar in order to start learning to play our teachers will assist you and suggest the best one for your needs. Our teachers will also teach you how to tune your guitar, change strings and many more!
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“Efficient Piano Practicing”

Here are some tips for our young musicians on how to practice piano efficiently and be always well prepared for your piano lessons! Tip 1: always warm up!  Scales and short studies would be your best tools. It takes only 10-15 min to prepare you fingers to play the rest of your repertoire. Tip 2: divide your piece in small sections so your work doesn`t become too overwhelming! Tip 3: practice hands separately until you can play them both fluently. Tip 4: focus on difficult passages till they become flawless! Tip 5: practice without pedal. Check small sections of your piece without pedal so you can hear everything without masking errors. Tip 6: use metronome. Using a metronome is always a good idea for a while at least. Tip 7: focus on dynamics, expression and phrasing. And always be aware of the stylistic features of your piece. Working in detail can take hours but it is easy to put a time frame on it by deciding what you want to achieve when you sit down at the piano. So be realistic and set little goals for every session!  
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“Tricks of the Trade”

Dear Piano Students, This video masterclass is right for you! As you all know, scales and arpeggios should be an integral part of your practice diet. They can improve your piano playing as practicing scales daily is great for coordination, muscle memory, tone quality, intonation, theory and many more. We are sure your piano teachers taught you how to play scales and arpeggios at your piano lessons, but if you still have questions or would like to master the scales, please watch this useful clip. We hope it will help you practice your scales in a more successful way! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLnUNwd0AqM  
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Fall Enrollment Began

Dear Students!

Art of Piano Playing Music School is now enrolling students in New York City and Long Island NY for the fall semester in following instruments: piano, voice, guitar and flute. There is no long term contracts!

Your first lesson is 50% OFF! 

To sign up please contact us at artofpianoplaying@aol.com or 646-370-3264

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Good to know: “This is your brain. This is your brain on music”

Here is a link to a short Ted Talk that explains scientifically why playing music is so satisfying and gratifying. Enjoy!


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Summer Piano Recital, June 2014

The videos of our Piano recital are now available on the YouTube. Enjoy! Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-jjlQot4eg Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loQuThxtT3Q Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p30w_-Ov70 Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvlx2nmSh4M
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ATTENTION TO ALL POTENTIAL STUDENTS IN NEW YORK CITY!!! Art of Piano Playing Music School is now enrolling students for VOICE LESSONS.images 22Our voice teachers teach Bel Canto, Libero canto, and other techniques tailored to the needs of the singer. They specialize in teaching students from children to adults of all levels. Voice lessons focus on technique, breathing mechanism, diction, acting, expression and many more.   We are also enrolling students for  FLUTE-RECORDER LESSONS. A Recorder is a imagesflute-like woodwind musical instrument. Our Flute-Recorder program offers a great opportunity to practice ensemble music for students of six years of age and up. This beautiful instrument, also called Dolce Flute, is very versatile. It is highly educational and is able to produce music from any time and style, such as ancient melodies and contemporary songs, classical and folk. Skills of concentration, manual ability, expression and team work will be developed by students in a pleasant and gratifying way. For enrollment please contact us at artofpianoplaying@aol.com
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Group Piano Lessons are now available at Schools

Art of Piano Playing Music School is happy to announce that now we are providing Group Piano Lessons at Elementary, Catholic, Private schools and Day Care Centers in New York City and Long Island NY. Group Piano Classes have many benefits. It is a great opportunity to determine musical interest and aptitude; develop piano-playing skills and fundamentals. It is also an excellent musical foundation for young students who may not yet have developed the maturity needed to fully benefit from private piano lessons. Group Piano Lessons also help to develop memory and logical-thinking skills which help overall school performance. Students are able to play duet and group pieces, helping develop social skills. photo (25)Group Piano Lessons are a part of After School program with an option for students to enroll every semester. The same age and skill level children are grouped together into small groups. At the end of each semester piano instructors invite parents to Open Classes where children demonstrate what they learned. Activities vary from rhythm exercises, to ear training, listening, notation and piano playing.   Children from Group Piano Lessons are invited to perform at our semi-annual recitals held hr-0452-977-595--0452977595016in Manhattan: This is Justin with his Group Piano Class teacher Evgeni. Justin is performing "Old McDonald". It was obvious to the audience that Justin was concert ready, knowing his piece well enough to show great skill!   Group Piano Lessons prove that children enjoy learning in a fun atmosphere. Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced!    
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