Piano Lesson Myths (continue)

Piano Lesson Myths 

 Myth 1 "I am just a beginner, I don`t need an experienced piano teacher" Reality: Wrong! You definitely need your piano teacher to be piano lesson mythsexperienced. Piano instructors with multiple years of teaching experience are more likely to have a worked out approach that has proven to be great for students. This will help you to develop a strong foundation and even more. With experienced piano instructors your piano lesson will run smoothly as they know how to break down the complexity, to be patient and explain the material clearly.  

Piano Lesson Myth #2

"I cannot play piano without learning to read music" Reality: Actually it is more beneficial for you to start playing piano by ear rather than read notes out of a music score right away. We call it "hear (in your head or from singing)-play" process. It is important to improvise on the early stages as ear training will develop your ability to recognize tones naturally and will gradually guide your fingers to the keys. So please, don`t dismiss the ear - sing, pick some famous tunes on the piano and ask your piano teacher to show your how to do accompaniment to back it up! Only after a few piano lessons of improvising note reading can be introduced. Then the formula will become ideal: "hear-see-play".