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We provide in home or studio lessons in New York City. No long term contracts. 646-221-7518

Please watch this video of Evgeni Ninov playing “Toccata” by Sancan!

Please read this article written exclusively for Art of Piano Playing Music School by Mina McKiernan – mother of Ella and Leila McKiernan! “Stricking a beautiful chord”

"Hot Cross Buns" Three years ago, my daughter started piano lessons as a Kindergartner. Her school offered classes as part of the after-school program. Along with a handful of other children, she spent an hour a week learning the basic concepts of piano playing. I always wished that I had learned to play, but with no musical background or talent, I was thrilled in her interest. We bought an electrical keyboard, and encouraged her to play around with it as much as possible. We must have listened to Hot Cross Buns a thousand times that Fall. The bond between her and Dina, her instructor, grew throughout the school year and by the time summer rolled around, she wanted to continue. Dina suggested private lessons through Art of Piano Playing Music School, a school she herself had founded a few years ago in New York City– and we excitedly signed on. To say that we got lucky stumbling across...